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A grassroots group of independent, small grocery stores, farmers, farmer’s markets, value added producers, restaurants, and supporters working to build a more collaborative local food system.


Our Products

Premium Homebrew Kombucha


Red Ginseng Kombucha

Best Seller

The Red Ginseng Kombucha is a stamina drink which is fermented tea flavored with 6 year old red ginseng. It has the double health effects from probiotic enzymes and added health benefits of red ginseng.


Blueberry Ginger Kombucha

New Flavor Addition

Our blueberry ginger kombucha harnesses the refreshing crisp taste of wild blueberries with the added spice of ginger to create a flavor duo like no other.

What Customers Are Saying

I was fortunate enough to run across Soulsmithkombucha at one of St. Stephens farmers market on Saturday just as things started to open back up from the shut down.

I’ve been an avid kombucha drinker for about a decade and this kombucha Tops any that I’ve had thus far! My wife has never really gotten into drinking kombucha and has occasional digestive issues. She witnessed my reaction after drinking some of SoulSmithKombucha and asked to try it, now, after never really being into kombucha, is asking for some periodically throughout the week, and she’s mentioned that she feels it’s helping with some of her digestive upsets where the normal probiotic hits the plateau.

I highly recommend Soulsmithkombucha for any kombucha needs. The Red Ginseng is our favorite. You will not be disappointed.

Stephen B. Waddell

Certified Advanced Rolfer™ 

of Structural Integration

And CranioSacral Therapist

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