Mission Statement

SoulSmith Kombucha is the premier kombucha manufacture which values and maintains a family tradition. SoulSmith Kombucha is brewed with fair trade certified organically sourced fresh fruit, tea, non-gmo pure cane sugar, whole herbs, and flower. Many of our ingredients are from local farmers and vendors to aid in the local business ecosystems in Virginia. 

As a company, SoulSmith Kombucha believes an all-natural way by not injecting any C02, coloring nor flavoring in to our kombucha in order to enhance the flavor and provide a healthier experience for our customers. Most kombucha companies try to provide a soda like experience by injecting carbonation to mimic the composition of soda which is practiced in order to gain more market share in the beverage industry. 

SoulSmith Kombucha strongly believes in making kombucha as a healing drink for the mind & body. 

We use a mother culture of the highest quality that is tested from world-class food science laboratories certified by the Department of Agriculture and institutions of higher learning located in Virginia. We maintain a 100% zero waste sustainable business which means any ingredients or packaging used is completely recyclable. We encourage our business partners and customers to bring bottles to our facility for recycling to maintain our business goal of zero waste for the environment.

 A sip of SoulSmith Kombucha, one will realize and appreciate our family tradition, love, and efforts to produce the world’s highest quality kombucha for everyone.